Depends how you see it


K now

Natasha-Gerschon-k Stay focused. It’s Inside.


It’s fall here. It’s spring there. No matter where I am, Somewhere I’ll be blooming. Brewing Ideas. Getting inspired. Here we go. 

Colors, movement and expressions

Falling in love with these two artists, Simon Kenny (Painter) and Christy Lee Rogers (Photographer). Here are some of my favourites!

In the process

I seem to grasp onto something, and when I do I use it and abuse the technique as much as I can until I get the result I want… I’ve done this with several series… Sometimes I leave it and come back in a few months, maybe a year (s)… when the mood comes back. This one “technique” if that’s the right term to use…. (what is it anyway?) I used it back in my late years of high school… I was looking into a lot of painters lately and I felt inspired to paint again, so I’ve been working on a lot of these, for a while now… I just keep editing and painting over them… but I can’t seem to get the exact result I want… I’ll show you these two I am working on right now.

They are not finished…