BTS L’Oreal Academy

Natasha-Gerschon_BTS-Loreal-7Natasha-Gerschon_BTS-Loreal-6Natasha-Gerschon_BTS-Loreal-5Natasha-Gerschon_BTS-Loreal-9Natasha-Gerschon_BTS-Loreal-8Natasha-Gerschon_BTS-Loreal-1Natasha-Gerschon_BTS-Loreal-4Natasha-Gerschon_BTS-Loreal-3Natasha-Gerschon_BTS-Loreal-2Natasha-Gerschon_BTS-Loreal-0Natasha-Gerschon_BTS-Loreal-2Natasha-Gerschon_BTS-Loreal-1Natasha-Gerschon_BTS-Loreal-3 Hair Team: Taz Hair Co Makeup: Katie Foster & Rosemary Camillo Styling: Krystin Carelli

Aida Lammers

Natasha-Gerschon-Linn Hair: Mia Martinez MUA: Marlene Gerschon Stylist and Designer: Aida Lammers Model: Lindsay from Spot6

In Motion

Here’s a few screenshots of yesterday’s video shoot for a commercial we are working on for an upcoming event. Can’t say or show much yet, but here’s a few to FLAUNT! Hair: Fiorio Team MUA: Marlene Gerschon & Gary Palferro Assisstant: Fabian Di Corcia & Tasnim Jubran Video Editor: Tasnim Jubran