Model Call

I am looking for models in Toronto, Ontario. It will be a paid gig where you will get your hair cut and colored by a L’Oreal Professional.

Please send me an email to: for more details

Thank you

Beauty Work at L’Oreal Academy


Hair: Taz Hair Co

Makeup: Katie Foster and Veronika George

Models: Chloe and Layla from B&M Toronto

BTS FW L’oreal It Looks

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L’Oreal It Looks


BTS L’Oreal Academy

Natasha-Gerschon_BTS-Loreal-7Natasha-Gerschon_BTS-Loreal-6Natasha-Gerschon_BTS-Loreal-5Natasha-Gerschon_BTS-Loreal-9Natasha-Gerschon_BTS-Loreal-8Natasha-Gerschon_BTS-Loreal-1Natasha-Gerschon_BTS-Loreal-4Natasha-Gerschon_BTS-Loreal-3Natasha-Gerschon_BTS-Loreal-2Natasha-Gerschon_BTS-Loreal-0Natasha-Gerschon_BTS-Loreal-2Natasha-Gerschon_BTS-Loreal-1Natasha-Gerschon_BTS-Loreal-3 Hair Team: Taz Hair Co Makeup: Katie Foster & Rosemary Camillo Styling: Krystin Carelli