New Look

Evolution is constant change, progression and exploration… always in motion to see the process of growth. I am excited for the end of the year, the beginning of a new look, accepting the development and movement of the formation I have generated over the years since I made this blog.

Coming soon, the transformation already started.

Aida Lammers

Natasha-Gerschon-Linn Hair: Mia Martinez MUA: Marlene Gerschon Stylist and Designer: Aida Lammers Model: Lindsay from Spot6

Next Lindsey Wixson?

Natasha-Gerschon-Salon-Estilo-531sNatasha-Gerschon-Salon-Estilo-607s Hair: Salon Estilo H & M: Daniela Soria Model: Michelle


Ryan Mcginley. One of my favorite photographers by far. Absolutely love his work. These are just a few of the ones I picked… To fit the mood and atmosphere of the moment. I would pick each and everyone if it wasn’t the case. 20120603-101147.jpg20120603-102525.jpg20120603-102535.jpg20120603-102556.jpg20120603-103829.jpg20120603-103821.jpg



Juice me up

Andres Linden