Contessas, Here we come again!

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What I’ve been up to…

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BTS Fiorio

Fiorio-BTS-01 Fiorio-BTS-02 Fiorio-BTS-03 Fiorio-BTS-04 Fiorio-BTS-06 Fiorio-BTS-07 Fiorio-BTS-08 Fiorio-BTS-09 Fiorio-BTS-10 Fiorio-BTS-11 Fiorio-BTS-12 Fiorio-BTS-13 Fiorio-BTS-14 Fiorio-BTS-15 Fiorio-BTS-16

Hair Team: Fiorio Square One

MUA: Marelene Gerschon & Renata De Thomasis

Photographer Assistant: Andres Plana

Test Shots: Southerland Models


In Motion

Here’s a few screenshots of yesterday’s video shoot for a commercial we are working on for an upcoming event. Can’t say or show much yet, but here’s a few to FLAUNT! Hair: Fiorio Team MUA: Marlene Gerschon & Gary Palferro Assisstant: Fabian Di Corcia & Tasnim Jubran Video Editor: Tasnim Jubran