Contessas, Here we come again!

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Jute Magazine

Gerschon-1Gerschon-2Gerschon-3Gerschon-4 Gerschon-6 Gerschon-5

MUA: Marlene Gerschon

Styling: Nicole Contador

Chloe Magazine Summer Edition

CHLOE Magazine-Natasha_Gerschon-Angela_AielloCHLOE Magazine-Natasha_Gerschon-Angela_Aiello-2CHLOE Magazine-Natasha_Gerschon-Angela_Aiello-3CHLOE Magazine-Natasha_Gerschon-Angela_Aiello-4

Workin’ It

I have been so busy!!! I have the honour to work with such talented people, and I got the A team that never lets me down. We shot more for a hair salon, so far this is what I have been able to edit… There are tons to come!

I have to admit: I saw a picture a long time ago (solve sundsbo) that was still stuck in one of the boxes of archives in my head, and this model came with the perfect hair for me to be able to reproduce it. It’s the one in black and white.