Contessas, Here we come again!

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FAULT Magazine

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Canadian Hairdresser Magazine

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BTS FW L’oreal It Looks

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Tarran Chesney taking the trophy home for Avant Garde Hairstylist of the year at the Contessas 2015! Natasha-Gerschon-Tarran-Chesney-01 Natasha-Gerschon-Tarran-Chesney-02 Natasha-Gerschon-Tarran-Chesney-03

Salon Magazine

Salon Magazine January/February 2014

Contessa 2014 Avant Garde

2014_AG_Natasha-Gerschon-1- 2014_AG_Natasha-Gerschon-2- 2014_AG_Natasha-Gerschon-3- Winners of Contessa 2014 with Studio H London Team Hairstyilists of the year: Amanda Rendell and Tarran Chesney MUA: Melanie White