Taking it Back

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It’s been a while

I shot Jackie Giella Crespo, my beautiful mother, and her friend and business partner, Magda Torko, for their upcoming “Off the grid retreat” in Costa Rica. It is a yoga and meditation, fueling and healing retreat in Encanta La Vida, Costa Rica.

Here are a few shots of these beautiful souls.

J-M-Retreat_01 J-M-Retreat_02 J-M-Retreat_03 J-M-Retreat_17 J-M-Retreat_19 J-M-Retreat_20 J-M-Retreat_21

Jute Magazine

Gerschon-1Gerschon-2Gerschon-3Gerschon-4 Gerschon-6 Gerschon-5

MUA: Marlene Gerschon

Styling: Nicole Contador

Canadian Hairdresser Magazine

Screen Shot 2015-06-18 at 12.15.48 AM

Watercolor Doodles

Sarah-natashagerschon-sml_02Sarah-natashagerschon-sml_01  Sarah-natashagerschon-sml_03  Sarah-natashagerschon-sml_05Sarah-natashagerschon-sml_04 Sarah-natashagerschon-sml_06


Tarran Chesney taking the trophy home for Avant Garde Hairstylist of the year at the Contessas 2015! Natasha-Gerschon-Tarran-Chesney-01 Natasha-Gerschon-Tarran-Chesney-02 Natasha-Gerschon-Tarran-Chesney-03

Salon Magazine

Salon Magazine January/February 2014