Ryan Mcginley. One of my favorite photographers by far. Absolutely love his work. These are just a few of the ones I picked… To fit the mood and atmosphere of the moment. I would pick each and everyone if it wasn’t the case. 20120603-101147.jpg20120603-102525.jpg20120603-102535.jpg20120603-102556.jpg20120603-103829.jpg20120603-103821.jpg



Juice me up

Andres Linden

Woah! Matthew Stone

Huge inspiration. His BODY of WORK, so clever, and how he makes the connections with both. Agh. Too good for words. Here are some of my favourites:

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Bruno Dylan
Megan Mcisaac
Tamara Dean
Megan Mcisaac

I wish I knew all of the artist’s names, but I don’t. I absolutely love these pictures.